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+ 1000 more channels like Facebook, eBay, Instagram, Etsy, Houzz, Pinterest, Snapchat, Criteo, Shareasale, Bing, and many more.

Our Beliefs

Why pay extra for standard support? Unlike other competitors, Shoppingfeed clients are welcome to call us as much as they need. We’re always happy to speak with our merchants!

Meeting 1

We will run a Data Audit

During this meeting, we will understand your current needs and expectations as well as create a game-plan to achieve your goals. We have this call because we know that no one seller is the same as the next.

Other competitors fail to understand the needs of their clients. Our first meeting is tailored for sellers of all types from new sellers to experienced ones who are looking to migrate to another solution.

Meeting 2

We will list your items

During this meeting, we will integrate with your current tech-stack and list your products on the channel that is a top priority for you. Our world class Customer Success Team is right by your side to lend a hand with the configuration & setup as well as ensure your items are available for sale.

Our team will help sync a couple items with you so you can review them and make sure the listings look good before we send the rest of your catalogue.

Meeting 3

We will import orders

During this meeting, we can import 1, 2, 3 or however many test orders you need back to your CMS for you to review. We will have you test fulfillment as well and make sure the order data is flowing back & forth as you need. Easily manage all your orders from many different marketplaces in one single page.

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

With these 3 meetings your online business is growing quicker than you could have ever imagined! Now, just one more thing... We offer a 4th call to introduce our powerful ProductGraph technology. See below.

Meeting 4

We will optimize listings

During this meeting, we will introduce you to one of our key tools: the ProductGraph. This tool is one of the features our powersellers use to enhance content on their marketplace listings. Shoppingfeed can get your items indexed correctly and Buyers will find your products even quicker. We'll also show you our Rules tool that help enrich your product data for any feed.


Our customers trust us.

“A clean well thought out interface that works great. Working with Shoppingfeed was probably one of the best customer service experiences I've had in years and I can't say enough about the service they provided. These guys do it right!”


Shoppingfeed has enabled us to easily import, manage, and track our Amazon products and orders. The techs are always helpful and responsive when needed. This is a great app.


Does not get any better than Shopping Feed. They have your back with fast support. Data feeds can be complicated, but this crew are on it 100% all the time. They want to help you get the most out of their app. I wish all app companies were this good.

Jason Guarino, CEO

Additional Features

Amazon Vendor Central

Our feed can organize & establish the appropriate data within your Amazon Vendor Central account.

Google Shopping

Let our specialists help with the Buy-on-Google program as well as the Local Inventory Ads setup

Rules Engine

Easily transform your data to enrich your marketplace listings and your ads as well.

Shopify Metafields

Optimize your channel listings further with the additional data in Shopify.

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