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We believe in a limitless ecommerce, free from technical constraints. Your potential is immense and behind every challenge lies an opportunity. These convictions drive us and form our reason for existence:: to facilitate your daily life to simplify ecommerce. 

"Shoppingfeed is much more than a solution to support the performance of merchants. We really want to change the way they work, the way they approach ecommerce. ” Brunette, Customer Success Manager

Alliance of technology and people

Shoppingfeed is more than just a platform. Coupled with an unfailing support, it simplifies the management of your ecommerce activity. Using our strategic advice, ultra-reactive support, and the advanced functionalities of our powerful tool, you have all the cards in hand to succeed.

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Shoppingfeed is made up of passionate experts who work alongside you on a daily basis to guide you to success. Sell on marketplaces, create traffic on your e-commerce site, and more. The entire Shoppingfeed team is mobilized to help you increase your sales and increase your profitability.


Our customers trust us.

Does not get any better than Shopping Feed. They have your back with fast support. Data feeds can be complicated, but this crew are on it 100% all the time. They want to help you get the most out of their app. I wish all app companies were this good.

Island Jay

We usually never reveal our secrets, but this app is a must if you are looking to streamline and expedite your operations on just one other channel or multiple.


Our partnership with Shoppingfeed is first and foremost a human relations story. We had an excellent contact with the Shoppingfeed team and a relationship of trust was created. Our goal is always to build long-term partnerships. Now, the Decathlon and Shoppingfeed teams each bring value to the other: it's a winning relationship that we appreciate.

Decathlon Marketplace

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