Track and optimize your performance

Thanks to our Analytics interface, you can always have a clear view of your objectives, monitor your achievements, and develop your full potential.

Exportable reports

With our reporting capabilities, you can easily set up, export and share comprehensive reports with your entire team.

Comparison reports

What is your progress? Which product categories have taken off? What are your 20/80 profit ratios? With Shoppingfeed reports you can analyze and optimize your sales performance. Make the right decisions and simplify your shopping strategy.

Monitor your ROI

Selling is good but keeping your profitability target is even better. With Shoppingfeed you can set your costs and follow your ROI per channel at a glance. Already using an Analytics tool? Our solution is compatible with the main players: Google Analytics, ATInternet, Eulerian, Tagcommander, etc.

Top product ranking

What is your top product? Our interface reveals your best-selling products for each category every month. Knowing the performance of your products, you can make informed decisions and optimize your sales strategy.


Thanks to our dashboard, you can follow the distribution of your products by channel in real time. To go further, you can set up alerts according to your needs (frequency, reception mode, nature...). All data will be at your fingertips

Access management

Do you need to share your access with your teams or partners? Our role-based user access management system adapts to your needs and security requirements.

Control your product data

Automate your operations

The Shoppingfeed Team is here for you

To understand all the technical details and the potential of our solution, rely our teams. Passionate and committed, they will support you from getting started all the way through optimizing your sales performance.

Discover all the possibilities of the Shoppingfeed interface