Simplify your day-to-day & increase your performance

Take advantage of the advanced features on our platform to easily sell worldwide, seize new opportunities and increase your profitability.

Centralize your entire ecosystem

As a SaaS solution that’s intuitive and ergonomic, the Shoppingfeed platform is designed to be used easily by all, no matter the level of expertise. After one simple onboarding session, you'll be able to centralize and automate your e-commerce operations with complete autonomy.

Our technical teams are committed to providing you with the best possible user experience and are continuously improving the interface to make Shoppingfeedd more fluid, autonomous and productive.

100% online solution

User-friendly interface

Accessible 24/7 on all devices

More than 1000 marketing channels

An ultra-simple plug and play system

Powerful API for advanced configurations


Enrich your product data

Shoppingfeed has advanced features to fully control your product data. Optimize, enrich and manipulate your data in a simple and automated way.

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Automate your operations

You can automate your daily e-commerce tasks to save time and cost. Manage all your operations on an intuitive interface that's always up to date thanks to our regular synchronizations.

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Track and optimize your performance

Thanks to our reporting features and our analytics interface, you can track your performance in real time and maximize the achievement of your goals. A clear vision to develop your full potential.

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More than 1000 channels at your fingertips

With Shoppingfeed, you just have to sign up for the respective Merchant or Seller account and we take care of the rest. You'll have unlimited access to all our marketplace partners

Trust Our Team

Shoppingfeed has an entire team dedicated to your success. We are passionate and committed day after day to support your e-commerce needs. From getting set up initially to optimizing your products, our technical and strategic teams are here at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact them!


After trying several other solutions for managing my eBay posts, I was SO HAPPY to discover Shoppingfeed. Not only is their app the best one I've seen by far, I can honestly say that their customer service and training is outstanding. If you are serious about extending your market to eBay and Amazon, this is the app you need.

Shoppingfeed has allowed me to grow at a much faster pace than I have been able to do with Amazon previously. The app has been far better than others I've tried and their customer service goes beyond supporting the app to actually helping you understand what Amazon is looking for and how to resolve issues. Definitely recommend it if you want to grow.

Daniel Mason, CEO

I am really happy I found ShoppingFeed and have been using it again and again for every new online venture I start. Data is messy and dirty, especially when you are trying to syndicate it to different systems with different native software, fields, requirements, business needs, etc. What I love about ShoppingFeed is that they realize and understand this.

Shane Samole , CEO

With Shoppingfeed, we were easily able to generate a feed compatible with Google and Bing Merchant Centers. Without spending countless hours and testing, we were able to list our SKUs in the correct format to start our ads. We were able to focus on the shopping ads instead of setting up a feed just to show the ads. It has helped our business tremendously in saving time and money.

Ecommerce Entrepreneur

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