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We offer a Marketplace advertising technology. This marketplace advertising technology launches with Amazon Ads as the first platform.

Amazon Ads is a powerful tool for e-retailers to increase the visibility and sales of their products on the Amazon marketplace. With the objective of leadership on their bestsellers.


The 5 advantages of Amazon Ads

Here are some reasons why advertising on Amazon can be beneficial for online merchants:

1. Increased Visibility. Your products will become visible in 2 strategic locations within Amazon: at the top of the corresponding category page, as well as, and we think this location is even more strategic, in the recommended products on your competitors' product sheets.

2. A technique similar to Google Ads: Amazon's advertising platform allows you to target strategic positions on Amazon thanks to Amazon's algorithm.

3. An organic ranking that will improve: the more a product sells, the higher its organic positioning in Amazon's rankings. You will create a virtuous circle.

4. Competitive advantage: not all sellers advertise on Amazon. Either because they don't know about it, or because they are afraid of it.

5. Since the visibility of your products will be increased, then you will have less need to fight on price.
Price and Visibility are 2 opposing forces: the more visible a product is, the less pressure there is on its price, and vice versa.


Advertising on Amazon is the well-kept secret of the best sellers on the platform. Their goal goes beyond increasing sales: their real objective is market domination on one or more of their products.

Olivier Levy, CEO

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