Automate your operations

With the Shoppingfeed solution, simplify your management. Your teams can focus on high value-added tasks and gain in autonomy and productivity.

Automatic configuration

Shoppingfeed automation makes your daily management much easier. Once your selection is made, your data optimized and your products published, we take care of the rest. Surprisingly simple.

Synchronized prices and stocks

No more errors or out-of-stock sales. Your inventory data is updated every 6 hours to 15 minutes according to your needs. Define rules, choose the available product stock on each marketplace, a buffer stock, to optimize your management and adapt your pricing policy according to the channels.

Order synchronization

Your orders from the marketplaces are automatically imported into the interface and integrated into your usual standard operating procedures for fulfillment & logistics.

Automatic order processing

Each action performed on the order is automatically transmitted to the marketplace. Preparation, shipping, tracking... your customer follows their order in real time.

Exportable order data

You can easily export order data and provide your pickers with all the information they need.


Automatically generate order forms for your customers, printable if necessary, directly from the Shoppingfeed interface.

Order alerts

An incorrect mailing address? Missing information? Shoppingfeed will watch and alert you immediately in case of a problem detected on an order.

New release continuity

Our partners regularly update their technical specifications. Don't worry about it. We do our best to ensure your products are compliant with their latest changes. If changes require any action on your part, we will inform you immediately.

Automated error handling

Take advantage of our library of distribution error codes; transcribed and illustrated by our in-house teams. Everything you need to correct the error and ensure optimal distribution of your catalog. You save time, energy, and ultimately serialize the product sync process for any channel.

Control your product data

Track and optimize your performance

Rely on our Team

Need more information? Strategic advice? Composed of passionate experts, our Technical and Strategic teams are at your disposal. Day after day, each of our employees is committed to helping you guide you to success.

Discover our interface and its vast possibilities