Control your product data

With the advanced Shoppingfeed features, you can easily control, manipulate and centralize your product data from multiple sources.

Transformation Rules

Easily adapt, optimize and enrich the content of your product data with a system of instructions and automatic rules that can be configured intuitively.

Attribute library

The Shoppingfeed interface provides you with all the attributes required and proposed by our partners (material, size, colors...). Describe your products in the best possible way and improve their visibility. Result: more seen and more sold products.

Automatic product selection

You want to adapt your product selection according to the distribution channel? Do it easily and according to your own criteria (profitability, brand, supplier...) thanks to Shoppingfeed’s automatic selection tool. The right product will always be in the right place.


Are your products complex? Size, color, condition, age, etc.? With Shoppingfeed, you can easily manage your product variations from a dedicated and intuitive interface.

Custom data fields

Simply add the missing data fields to your product database from our interface for complete product content.

New product management

New collection coming? Our new products feature allows you to set them up independently to speed up their release.

Preview of your product catalog

Shoppingfeed allows you to check before you publish the products to your partner. Thanks to the preview, you can avoid mistakes.

Customized product catalogs

Create your own product catalogs for internal use, according to your specifications. Finance, Logistics, PIM or DAM, the uses are numerous and the possibilities infinite.

Automate your operations

Track and optimize your performance

Our Teams support you

Shoppingfeed's Technical & Strategic teams are here to guide you to success. Working right by your side, they will help you discover the full potential of the Shoppingfeed solution - the new essential in your e⁠-⁠commerce ecosystem.

Discover the full potential of the Shoppingfeed tool