Whistleblower system

Acting responsibly
In our efforts to promote ethical and lawful behavior in our company, we welcome you to become active as part of our community. Our whistleblower system allows you to confidentially and securely report possible violations of laws, policies or ethical standards.

Why your report is important:
Every report helps to improve our working environment and protect our company from harm. We take every report seriously and investigate it diligently. We guarantee anonymity and protection from retaliation for every whistleblower.

What you can report:

  • Unethical behavior
  • Unlawful actions
  • Security concerns
  • Any other concern that you consider significant

This is how the whistleblower system works:
  1. Submit a report: Use our online form, the contact details provided or send an email to whistleblowing@shoppingfeed.com to submit your report anonymously or by name.
  2. Confidentiality: Your identity remains protected. You can choose to remain anonymous.
  3. Processing and investigation: Each report will be reviewed carefully and impartially.
  4. Feedback and resolution: We aim to provide feedback on the status of the investigation and take appropriate action.

Please feel free to use our whistleblower system to make any contribution to the safety and integrity of our company. We stand firmly behind our promise to treat your concerns confidentially and respond appropriately.